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We are a small breeder in the Northern CA, Sierra Nevada Foothills. I am a member of Alaskan Malamute Club of America and our local breed club, Northern CA Alaskan Malamute Association. When planning litters, we adhere to the written Breed Standard as our guideline to try to produce beautiful Malamutes that are sound in mind and body. We participate in AKC conformation events and are hoping to start working our dogs in carting / sledding soon. My dogs are, first and foremost, family pets....that's why you'll find them not groomed in many of the photo's you see here...we're just out having fun most of the time! I play doubles Volleyball and Craig plays Soccer so one of us usually has at least one dog tagging along. We do a lot of hiking / swimming / snow shoeing and are now starting to hike with packs on the dogs. We hope to do some formal hikes soon to start getting their Working Pack Dog titles. 

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My niece and nephew, Talia and Trey, live less than a mile away and are my "formal puppy socializer's" for new litters. Boy, I know it's a lot to ask kids to come over every night to play with a bunch of puppies but they don't complain too much! 

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