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jet video

Rocky Mountain Specialty:

M-utah-5pt-major.jpg (52674 bytes)  Rky Mtn Specialty 007.JPG (100163 bytes) 

Out on our hike for Missy's 1st leg towards her 
Working Pack Dog Title...I haven't told her  we have to do
 3 more 10 mile hikes to finish it... 

Can someone straighten out my pack before it pulls me OVER!?

1st-break.jpg (20132 bytes)     after-lunch.jpg (49352 bytes)   aahhh.jpg (52015 bytes) 

OK - Getting a little tired...whose idea was this anyway?
whose-idea-was-this.jpg (54138 bytes)       


Maya and Kody back for a visit at 6.5 months old..
(formerly Steffi  and   Andre) - fun for everyone
maya 6mo.jpg (58402 bytes)
  missy-kody6mo.jpg (41874 bytes)  maya kody 6mo.jpg (43776 bytes)
Maya                          Missy & Kody              Maya & Kody


Maya (formerly Steffi) at 6 Mo's--what a cutie!
Maya-6mo.jpg (40000 bytes)

The babies at the baby gate! (Niece Amelia here from the big city LA to visit the puppies) 
amelia-and-rafa.jpg (37289 bytes)

Missy and Scamp with Kya's pups
miss and andre.jpg (39122 bytes) missy andre.jpg (85428 bytes) pushover.jpg (76533 bytes)  

  Missy and Scamp are inseparable
 m&s.jpg (64425 bytes) she wont leave me alone.jpg (87393 bytes) peas in a pod.jpg (101114 bytes)

Kya getting her couch time in --hmmm...is this all these two do?
couchtime.jpg (71013 bytes)        kya couchagain.jpg (39071 bytes)                                                             




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